Famous for its beautiful beaches framed by rocks and lush vegetation, the Seychelles archipelago is a dream come true for tourists. Many of them come to discover it. It must be said that the country has several tourist attractions. Catamaran cruising is one of the recommended ways to discover all the magical places of the Seychelles. Of course, if you want to enjoy the trip, it is necessary to choose the date of the stay seriously. The following information will help you make a reasonable choice.

Locations Catamaran Seychelles When to go to Seychelles?

Climate in Seychelles

To know the right time to take a trip to the Seychelles, you first need to know your climate in general. The goal is to identify the ideal season for your favourite activities.

First of all, it should be noted that Seychelles is located in the southern hemisphere. The archipelago benefits from a tropical climate. It is rarely found in the path of cyclones, which is a real advantage for this tourist country. In general, this type of natural disaster only affects southern islands such as Farquhar, Aldebaran and Cosmolédo. In these regions, marine currents are also strong.

It should be noted that Seychelles has only two main seasons. They differ in terms of wind influence and precipitation rate.

There is the rainy or hot season from October to April. During this season, it is the northwest wind that is present. It is quite lightweight. Temperatures are often high, reaching 31°C in some islands. In other words, the heat is there. In addition, influenced by the northwest trade winds, the atmosphere is humid. As a result, it rains a lot, especially in December and January. It should be noted, however, that the colour of the sky can change from one island to another.

The second main season is the cool or dry season between May and October. It’s the southern winter. This time, the wind is coming from the southeast with fairly strong gusts. The sea is often rough. Temperatures are mild, especially from July onwards. Of course, it rarely rains during the cool season.

It should be noted that Seychelles is one of the countries suffering from the effects of global warming. Thus, the archipelago sometimes faces periods of heavy rainfall that can cause severe flooding as well as episodes of drought. In any case, you can visit the Seychelles all year round.

Locations Catamaran Seychelles When to go to Seychelles?

Average temperatures in the Seychelles

Temperatures in the Seychelles are fairly stable, regardless of the season. They oscillate between 25 and 30 °C. That’s why people tend to say that in Seychelles, it’s summer all year round. They are often high between October and May, especially in December, January and February.

The water temperature is between 26 and 29°C. It is particularly high in March and April, when it can reach 30°C.

It should be noted that these are approximate meteorological data. Temperature and precipitation vary from one island to another. The same applies to the duration of sunshine. For the islands near the Equator, the sun is present about 12 hours a day.

In which season should I visit the Seychelles?

Although you can visit the Seychelles all year round, there are still good times when tourists can enjoy their trip. Ideally, you should leave between October and May. During this period, the air is fresh and dry.

Leaving during the off-season, from March to May or September to November, is also a good idea. There are fewer tourists. Thus, the beaches are rather deserted.

From June to August, you can also enjoy beautiful sunny days and pleasant temperatures. However, you should avoid going there in December, as the rain is a little too heavy.

But as mentioned earlier, it is best to schedule the visit to Seychelles according to the activity you wish to do. So, if you want to discover the natural heritage, the ideal time to visit the archipelago and its islands will be between January and April.

Indeed, rain makes the vegetation greener and more open. If the idea is to admire migratory birds, it is better to visit the Seychelles in April.

For boat cruisers and scuba divers, you should leave when the ocean is calmer, in January or February. Since the water is calm, we can better see the seabed.

As for windsurfers, surfers and kitsurfers, they will have to plan their trip to the Seychelles between May and October. The same is true for fans of big game fishing.

Locations Catamaran Seychelles When to go to Seychelles?

What should I have in my luggage?

Ready to board for the Seychelles Islands? It should be remembered that temperatures are almost constant all year round in this beautiful country of the Indian Ocean. They rarely drop below 20°C, even during the cool season.

Therefore, light clothing, preferably made of cotton, should be preferred. It is the material that can guarantee comfort in the face of rising heat. Lightweight sandals are also necessary. If you plan to hike, wear appropriate footwear to protect your feet from moisture and injury. When visiting nature parks or forests, the use of mosquito repellents is required.

However, it is also advisable to wear some fancy clothes, as some restaurants require a dressing code. You should also remember to put warm clothes in the suitcase so as not to catch cold when the temperature is falling.

If you decide to go to the Seychelles during the rainy season, you will need to bring a raincoat and an umbrella. Of course, bathing suits, hats and sunglasses must also be among your belongings. To protect the skin against UV rays, it is of course necessary to wear sun protection.

Locations Catamaran Seychelles When to go to Seychelles?

What type of trip is best for you?

The activities to be done depend on the type of trip chosen. Stays combining several islands are ideal as they allow for a rich discovery.

A catamaran cruise meets this criterion. This type of boat is best suited for a cruise under the equator. The advantage of this trip is that in just a few days, you can make many discoveries.

A cruise on board a catamaran is therefore a sovereign solution if the stay lasts only one week. It is too short to visit the most beautiful islands of the archipelago by car. In addition, you will have more choice in terms of itineraries. You should also know that some of the most beautiful destinations in the archipelago are only accessible by boat.

If you want more privacy and comfort during a stay with a family or a couple, consider also opting for a private cruise in the Seychelles. By choosing this formula, you can freely choose the stops and places to visit.

Tourists usually start their journey in Mahé. It is the ideal starting point. But before reaching the port, it is necessary to visit the local market to shop and discover local products.

You can then head out to the open sea and head for the Saint Anne Marine Reserve. It is famous for its superb seabed. You will meet small coloured fish and grey sharks.

Among the must-see stops during a catamaran cruise in the Seychelles, there is also the Vallée de Mai in Praslin. It is a tropical forest with an abundant and diversified fauna and flora. That is why it is called the Garden of Eden.

In this place, you can admire beautiful waterfalls and hear the birds singing. You can then head to La Digue Island to relax at Anse Source d’Argent beach, one of Seychelles’ most popular tourist attractions.

The diving session at Coco Island should be added to the list of activities. The marine park of this island is impressive. It is populated by many species of fish with captivating colours and beautiful corals. Don’t forget to take a detour to Curieuse Island to observe the giant turtle and to Cousin Island to observe its authentic beaches.

Locations Catamaran Seychelles When to go to Seychelles?

Catamaran cruise aboard the Aquatic 2

If you want to take a catamaran cruise in the Seychelles, we guarantee you a service that meets your desires and your budget. You can board a Lagoon440, the ideal boat for a family trip.

Equipped with a living room at the front with a 360° view, the Aquatic 2 will allow you to admire the landscapes. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that the catamaran sails flat. The risk of seasickness remains low on board this type of gear. Young and old can therefore fully enjoy the trip.

By choosing the “all-inclusive” package, you will be entitled to a complete service including walking, accommodation and meals. Thus, during the cruise, you will benefit from the service of a professional skipper. Knowing the archipelago very well, he can guide you in the choice of your itineraries. In addition, he will inform you about which places are worth a detour and which ones to avoid.

You should also know that a chef will be at your service on board the Aquatic 2, whose mission is to make you discover the most beautiful gastronomic experience you have ever had. It can make you taste the famous dishes in the Seychelles such as zurite curry, freckle curry and fish curry.